Payment & Delivery

۞ Payment Methods :
1)  Paypal Payment ID :
2)  Money Gram (Choose Bank Transfer Option).
send us money to Lahore, Pakistan by Moneygram,
Send us picture of receipt to
3)  Western Union (Choose Bank Transfer Option).
send us money to Lahore, Pakistan by Western Union,
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4)  Credit and Debit Cards (Using Paypal Account).
5)  Bank Transfer (wire transfer) ::
> Account Name : Multax Trading.
> IBAN : PK82SUMB0323027140129994

۞ Delivery Information :

  • Free Shipping in all over the Pakistan up-to 1 kg weight. 
  • Importing is a breeze in most countries ! You may have to pay your own country's VAT (i.e. Sales Tax) and sometimes variable Import Duty when the items arrive, but in the vast majority of cases packets / cartons delivered by courier arrive safely with no problems at all!
  • Read the item description carefully! We will ship you whatever you order. Although we do assist you by manually checking all orders to screen possible region / compatibility inconsistencies, we do not accept returns of healthy products which were simply miss-ordered by you. 
  • Additionally, there are some (cool) types of gadgets including for example (but not limited to) radio signal jammers, high powered lasers, and quasi-medical products, that are not legal (booo!) to import into certain countries. As the buyer / importer it is entirely your responsibility to find out in advance of placing your order whether your ordered items are subject to import restrictions.
  • CHAMPIAN eStore will send you whatever you order, so we do not accept liability in the case of failed delivery of goods, where they have failed to clear your country's local Customs - either in cases where the goods are turned back, or in cases where the goods are seized. In addition Champian eStore is not responsible for informing you of possible import restriction issues before or after purchase.
  • We will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused on your computer, console, or other hardware / software during / related to installation of any of our products. We not be liable for damage or personal loss due to incorrect installation.

۞ Delivery Time :


  • If there is a possible delay due to the warehouse being out of stock, we'll contact you by email to discuss :
    • sending out your order in separate shipments.
    • Changing products, or other options.
  • Larger orders that exceed our stock may take up to 2 week longer to send out, as we have to order to the factory. In such cases we will contact you about any delay.
  • In certain cases, e.g. the first time you try to drop-ship to a different address than your own, we have to complete a verification check with you before processing your order, which can add 2-3 days for processing time. 
  • Standard delivery time of  International products is 10 - 25 working days in all over the Pakistan.
  • Quick delivery (7-10 Days) will cost extra US$30 only.  If items will be in our local Warehouse then will deliver within 1 week in all over the Pakistan.
  • Standard delivery time of Local products is 3 - 5 working days in all over the Pakistan.
  • Your payment is through a safe channel, your delivery is guaranteed, the products are quality assured, and you can begin by ordering only 1 piece.  Some items you must have to order in Wholesale.

۞ Digital Products :


  • If you buy Software, eBooks, or Tutorial Videos etc.. we'll Send you download links for that digital product to download and link will be active for 48 hours. Download link will be send on your email address after confirm payment received. 
  • If you ordered any Licensed software, after installation on your PC, you have to send some details to us, then we will send you License Keys, or patch files to activate your installed software.