• PMP - Project Management Professional (Eight Edition)

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What Is the PMP Certification?

PMI is the leader and the most widely recognized organization in terms of promoting project management best practices.

PMI strives to maintain and endorse standards and ethics in this field and offers publications, training, seminars, chapters,

special interest groups, and colleges to further the project management discipline.  PMI was founded in 1969 and first

started offering the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam in 1984. PMI is accredited as an American

National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards developer and also has the distinction of being the first organization to have

its certification program attain International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 recognition.

Why Become PMP Certified?

The following benefits are associated with becoming PMP certified:

> It demonstrates proof of professional achievement.

> It increases your marketability.

> It provides greater opportunity for advancement in your field.

> It raises customer confidence in you and in your company’s services.

Increases Your Marketability.

Many industries are realizing the importance of project management and its role in the organization. They are

also seeing that simply proclaiming a head technician to be a “project manager” does not make it so. Project

management, just like engineering, information technology, and a host of other trades, has its own specific

qualifications and skills. Certification tells potential employers you’ve got the skills, experience, and knowledge

to drive successful projects and ultimately improve the company’s bottom line.  A certification will always make

you stand out above the competition. If you’re certified and you’re competing against a project manager without

certification, chances are you’ll come out as the top pick. As a hiring manager, all other things being equal, I will

usually opt for the candidate who has certification over the candidate who doesn’t have it. Certification tells

potential employers you have gone the extra mile. You’ve spent time studying techniques and methods as well as

employing them in practice. It shows dedication to your own professional growth and enhancement and to adhering

to and advancing professional standards.

Who Should Buy This Book?

If you are serious about passing the PMP exam (or the CAPM exam for that matter), you should buy this book

and use it to study for the exam. This book is unique in that it walks you through the project processes from

beginning to end, just as projects are performed in practice.  When you read this book, you will benefit by learning

specific Guide to the PMBOK processes and techniques coupled with real-life scenarios that describe how project

managers in different situations handle problems and the various issues all project managers are bound to encounter 

during their career. This Study Guide describes in detail the exam objective topics in each chapter and has attempted

to cover all of the important project management concepts.

PMP - Project Management Professional (Eight Edition)

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